Our goal is to raise all natural, healthy, chemical free, grassfed beef and lamb while improving the land for which we care.

We’re a small ranch located just north of Joplin in Southwest Missouri.  While we’ve tried a bit of everything over the years from grassfed dairy to pastured broilers, we’ve found that we do best with grassfed beef cattle and grassfed sheep.  While not certified organic, we strive for an all organic, all forage environment from birth to harvest.

We want to be good stewards of the land that God has so graciously provided us, and also care well for the animals with which we’re blessed to be stewards.  By doing this in a sustainable manner, we can continue on each year with minimal inputs.

We truly believe that by raising all natural grassfed livestock, we can help improve the land, as well as people’s health and lives by providing them with a healthy alternative to many of the products found at most grocery stores. For more information about the benefits of eating grassfed products, please visit


Our cattle all 100% grass fed and finished. By that we mean that they are raised on their mother’s milk and on what forage they can get from the pastures as well as supplemental hay as necessary during the winter.  We also provide them free choice loose minerals to help balance what might be lacking in the pastures.

We do not use any artificial enhancers such as hormones, steroids, medicated feed, etc. We also do not use any chemical pesticides on our pastures, but rely on our rotational grazing practices and occasional mowing to keep the weeds at bay.


Sheep have been a wonderful addition to our ranch. The sheep graze together with the cows and mix in very well. As with our beef, our sheep and lambs do not receive anything other than pasture, hay and  minerals. No chemicals, no drugs, not even wormers. We’re excited to be able to offer organically raised grass fed lamb.

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Be thou diligent to know the state of thy flocks, and look well to thy herds.  Proverbs 27.23 (KJV)


Ultimately, the only wealth that can sustain any community, economy or nation is derived from the photosynthetic process – green plants growing on regenerating soil.

Allan Savory

It is not merely a question of healing the animal or man stricken by disease, it is necessary to heal the soil so as to have to heal the animal or man.

André Voisin