Organic and natural products for your soil and animals

When we started our little ranch, we knew that we wanted to do things organically, with minimal inputs.  Ideally, our livestock would get everything they need from the forage they eat and water they drink.  Unfortunately, most pasture land nowadays isn’t doesn’t have all the minerals that livestock need for good health, and ours was no exception.  While naturally building up the soil to a healthy level has been and continues to be a long term goal, our short term solution is free choice minerals for the animals.

As we looked for organic and natural supplements, we were fortunate early on to learn about Redmond Trace Mineral Salt, and later about the Fertrell company.  When we started using Redmond Salt, there was not a dealer near us; the closest dealers were about two hours away.  In talking with Redmond, and then Fertrell, we were able to become a dealer in our area which brings these great products closer to more farms and ranches, and we try to keep the products listed in stock on our ranch for customer pickup.

When we first started using these products many years ago, our animals really gobbled them up.  Our ground was pretty depleted of minerals and fertility.  Over the years, we’ve been able to continue to improve the pastures with holistic, rotational grazing, a little lime (once), and a little chicken litter (0nce).  The great thing to see over the years as our pastures have improved is that our animals now eat very little mineral supplement and maintain a great state of health, both of which have reduced our input costs.


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