Aren’t you thankful that Fall is finally here? It seems the older we get, the longer the summers seem to be. With the cooler temperatures, we’ve planned several horse camping trips before winter gets here; trail riding, campfires and good food. One of the items we like to bring along is our all natural grassfed ground beef. It’s great for outdoor cooking. We’ll use it for burgers, chili, dutch oven lasagna, or tacos. Over the last few years, we realized that we go through a lot of ground beef, even with just the two of us left at home. And we thought that there are probably others that use more ground beef than they get in a quarter beef, or don’t have room for a quarter beef, but would like to have some amount of all natural grassfed beef in their freezer. To that end, we’ve started selling ground beef by the pound. Check it out here if you’d like more information on it, or feel free to give us a call to discuss.