Still Grazing!

The Lord has been very good to us this winter!  It has been mild and we're still grazing our stockpiled [...]

Strip Grazing After a Light Snow

We just got our first light snow yesterday and last night. Now those of you in real snow country will [...]

Strip Grazing

In August we began to stockpile our forage in preparation for grazing this fall and winter. We had broadcast some [...]

Buffalo River Ride

Our last trail ride of 2016 was in November on the Buffalo River near Ponca, Arkansas. We had a great stay at Centerpoint Horsecamp. Being late in the year, the [...]

Fur Pile!

On most farms or ranches, you're going to find a cat or two.  Since we try to [...]

Trail Riding

Something we really enjoy when not spending time at home is trail riding.  While I enjoy hiking, I've [...]

Lamb is Almost Here!

Many of you know that we had all natural grassfed lamb available in the past. We had [...]