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Redmond Conditioner


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Redmond Conditioner is a trace mineral colloidal silicate (clay) which contains a combination of nearly 50 mineral compounds. The minerals are colloidal, which means they are in a condition ready for immediate utilization by the animal.

It can be fed free choice, used as a top dressing, or mixed in a TMR.  We like to mix it 50/50 with the Redmond Trace Mineral Salt in one of the compartments of our mineral feeder.

It can improve the nutrition, health, and profitability of your animals, and can be fed to beef cattle, dairy cattle, horses, hogs, sheep and poultry.

It is listed by OMRI for use in organic production.

Read more about Redmond minerals here.

Available in 50 pound bags.

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5 in stock (also available on backorder)

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Product Description

From Redmond:  Redmond Conditioner enables the animals to take more nutrients out of their feed. The full range of minerals in the Conditioner compliments anything else you are feeding without being so high in any one mineral that you need to change your program as you add it. After using Redmond Conditioner for a time, you may want to make some changes based on what you see in your animals. Many customers report such improvements in hoof health, stamina, or weight gain that they begin to reduce other supplements because they can see that their animals don’t need them.  Read more here and see the product breakdown analysis here.

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