We just got our first light snow yesterday and last night. Now those of you in real snow country will laugh at this, but there are lots of folks that think they need to put hay out when a little snow flies. Yesterday started out very nice with the pre-dawn morning temperatures in the upper 40’s. From there it dropped a degree or two every hour with a light freezing mist/rain all day. This morning we woke up to -1 degrees (F) with a light snow and ice covering. Since we haven’t fed any hay yet, they cows aren’t expecting an easy meal. We have noticed that with an ice layer on the grass, they don’t seem to be able to smell it very well, and will run around in the new strip of stockpile looking for something to eat. After a little running around, the ice gets broken off some of the grass the they get down to eating. Before today, we were just moving them once a day in the late afternoon, but with the cold temperature and moisture yesterday and last night, we moved them this morning, and will again this evening, to give them some extra forage. We want to make sure they keep that rumen full to help them stay warm.

Here’s what it looked like after they grazed it today.