In August we began to stockpile our forage in preparation for grazing this fall and winter. We had broadcast some lespedeza into our predominantly fescue/clover pastures back in May, and it came up well in the summer. We were able to graze this lespedeza in a high density strip graze fashion in July and August near a nice patch of trees. This gave our cows some nice lespedeza/fescue/clover grazing with plenty of shade during these two hot months, and allowed us to really slow down the rotation to allow our pastures to begin accumulating growth for the fall. After that we kept grazing in a standard take half/leave half fashion. In November we began strip grazing and taking all the grass with each strip. We start at a water source, and then move the temporary fence forward each day to give the cows a new strip of grass. The pictures above show a move on December 9, 2016. You can see the eaten down grass on the left with the cows, and the new grass on the right. In this pasture, the stockpile wasn’t very thick, but there was more there than it looks like in the photo. The second picture is of the same area the next day after the move with the fence removed. You can see a slight difference in the shade of grass where the wire used to be.